Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Resurrection Day

Yesterday we had a wonderful day from beginning to end.  Wally has a few chores he has to do every day here at the Polo Club, even on our days off.  He came back in exclaiming what a gorgeous day it was…like the grass and trees had just popped overnight and the birds were chirping everywhere.  I replied, “just like a resurrection morning, huh?”  We hope you had a wonderful celebration yesterday. 

Our church presented a musical drama entitled You Are The Christ…as seen through the eyes of Peter. It was “Peter’s” thoughts back through the years from when Jesus first called to him, ‘follow me”  through his denial of Jesus and the resurrection.  The young man who portrayed Peter was just excellent!  The choir accompanied his monologue and they too were excellent!  The hand bells also played…”Up From the Grave He Arose.”  I do not know how they make the music they do with just bells. 

We came home to a wonderful dinner.   We were totally experimenting, but it turned out great.  Recently Wally bought a smoker and we smoked an entire pot roast meal and two apple pies for dessert.  It was delicious.  We need to fine tune it a bit, but nobody complained!


Hmmm, are you hungry yet? 


For our Colorado family we had my Mom and Dad and Scott over, and Wesley.  Robin and her family had out of town friends in who took care of them.  It was a pleasant day from beginning to end.



Family pictures on Easter are just a tradition.  For a long time I took them at church.  As the family has now spread out here and there it is a bit of a challenge. Last year I was able to get all the kids to take their family picture and send me a copy to keep up the tradition. This year I sent out the email reminding them, but alas, one of them forgot.  I hate to shame one of my own kids so I won’t mention names.  But you should be able to figure it out who is missing. 

img_6827It was nice to squeeze one more Easter photo out with Wesley.

Resurrection Sunday 2013Elaine, Nolan, Ben and Andrea…very large with those twins!

noaln and elaine easter 2013
I received this picture in a text Sunday morning…I love starting the day this way!


I made each of the kids a bunny bucket years ago.  When they all went off to college, I sent it to them full of candy and then they returned it to me in the summer.  When Andrea and Kenny got married, the bunny went with them.  But Wesley keeps returning his.  So when I gave Wes his bunny yesterday I had to tell him, “no refills!”  

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Becky said...

I dont remember getting an email.... :( sorry maybe I can get kenny back into his Sunday-go-to-meetin duds for a remake of Easter?


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