Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday

What can be nicer on a Thankful Thursday, than to be sending out a thank- you note---or two---or three even--- because someone did something nice for you?  And I can also thank Pinterest and Stampin Up for the ideas to make my cards.

This card is for my sweet Mrs. Binkley who turned 93 in February.  She loves tulips and I remember at Stamp Camp a couple years ago we made this tulip card using the owl punch. 


  Two of our residents gave us a flower arrangement over Easter;  a beautiful Lily arrangement and just a small pot of spring flowers.  These cards are going to them.  This idea was a take on a card from Pinterest.



I am so thankful for the people God has put in our lives!  Not just because you sometimes “get” something from them.  But just because of their presence.  Sometimes its all good and other times it is rather stressful.  But always there is an influence in your life that teaches you something.  People are rather interesting…what would our lives be like with only those we want to be with or those we “get” something from?    People definitely keep life interesting!  I am learning to be thankful even for the difficult people in my life…they probably just won’t be getting a thank you card from me!  Smile

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