Thursday, November 8, 2012

New England- covered Bridges of Bennington, VT


We were on the road again, taking rte.9 from Battelboro to Bennington.  We came upon this gorgeous view, Hundred Mile View.  I guess it means you can see for a hundred miles…if not, it must be pretty close!



Then onto Bennington where we searched out three covered bridges.  These bridges are still in use today.  They are all replicas of the original bridges built in the 1800’s.  All three of these bridges were just down the road from one another.



This is the Henry Bridge.  It crosses the Wallomsac river.  How’s that for a name?  It was originally built in 1840 by landowner Elnathan Henry.  His home is just peeking though the back of the bridge and it dates back to 1769.  It is now a B&B.


This is the Paper Mill Bridge.  It also covers the Wallomsac River.  It was originally built in 1790 and named for a paper mill that was one of the state’s first.


This is the Silk Road Bridge and it covers, yep, you got it, the Wallomsac River.


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