Sunday, November 11, 2012

New England-Bennington

While we were mainly on a motorcycle ride to enjoy the fall of New England, Wally and I both decided we would love to return to Vermont someday.  There is a lot to to see and enjoy.  We were planning to have lunch with Ben’s folk in Pittsfield, MA.  When Wally called Jim to confirm our plans, he suggested if we were going through Bennington to take a look at the Battle Monument and the graveyard where Robert Frost was buried.  So we did. 


This obelisk was built in 1880 as a monument for the famous Battle of Bennington during the Revolutionary War, in 1777.  It is 306’ high.  The battle actually took place ten miles away in Waloomsac, NY…sound familiar?  It was a turning point in the war as it was a great blow against General Burgoyne and reduced his army by 1.000 men.  August 16 is a legal state hoiday in Vermont, Bennington Battle Day.


This is a statue to Seth Warner, Captain of the Green Mountain Boys who joined with the Continental Army against Burgoyne.


And this is Wally, we just pulled up to the curb and enjoyed the monument.  It was built on a green circle at the top of a hill.  Just down from here was the First Church.


I finally found some red red leaves on a low hanging branch by the church.


I thought the graveyard was beautiful…so many old and ornate stones.  There was a sign stating tombstone rubbings were not allowed due to the age and historical significance.  I never knew there was such a thing as “tombstone rubbings!”









There is something sobering about wandering about a graveyard.  The markers that represents someone…their life, their, dreams, their family.  Yet sin’s curse is so well represented, death!  Some lives were so short.  I wondered about the illnesses that claimed lives hundreds of years ago which we now have cures for.


Here is the grave of poet Robert Frost, his wife Elinor, and two of their children, a daughter Marjorie and son Carol.  They had six children.

We ended our afternoon at Jim and Sissy Hamilton’s house.  We had great fajitas and great fellowship.  It was nice to see their home.  I didn’t realize they were nestled in the mountains and Pittsfield reminded me a little of hometown, USA. 


Sissy, Jim and Fezzi


This is Fezzik, named for the giant in Princess Bride.  When the kids leave the nest, we are left with our dogs. I think Sissy chose Fezzik and really likes him.  We have Gypsy, whom I inherited and she has never been a favorite. Elaine differentiates between her Grandmas by these dogs…Grandma Fezzik  and Grandma Gypsy.  Kind of cute, but I am not really fond of it!

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