Saturday, November 24, 2012

KB and Bex

This was our first visit with Kenny and Becky since they have been married.  We had a very nice time in their home.   I hope we didn’t make Becky too nervous, being the in-laws and all!  We got in just about dark and it had been a chilly ride the last hour or so.  I was shaking so bad, Becky threw a quilt in the dryer and then wrapped it around me!  I assure you, she has most favored daughter-in-law status with me!!  We had the best pizza ever that night…in Tennessee!  It was just over the border and a little hole in the wall place.  I think there were two tables inside and in the corner was the brick oven.  The cook stood there turning the pizza every minute or so…it was so-o good!  Sunday we went to church together.  In the afternon service we heard Kenny preach.  He did such a good job.  The nervous college boy whom I had last heard was no where around.  He has matured and grown in so many ways.  We felt very proud of him, in all the good ways!  And his sermon encouraged me in a specific way. 

Kenny took us for a drive to the mountain he hunts on…it is privately owned.  Can you imagine owning a mountain?  The view was pretty nice.  I liked this fence with bird houses on the posts.





I kind of like this bottle tree too…I guess its supposed to sound musical when it rains.  I may put one in my little patch here at the Polo Club…seriously, I’m thinking about it!


Wally really looks like his Dad here.  And this is Bella.  I guess she is our grand dog!   She’s awfully cute and hardly ever barks…


…except when she helps Becky mop the floor!



She’s also quite a techy kind of a pooch…


And she had a case of the fleas.  Wally gave her a flea bath.  He used to do go through this with our sheltie when we lived in Florida.  Poor wet dog!



We enjoyed or time with KB, Bex and little Bella!  We love you guys!


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