Saturday, November 3, 2012

New England-Connecticut and Vermont

On Tuesday we left Andrea and the adorable grandkids for a ride into New England.  We drove to the end of Long Island and took a ferry from Orient Point over to Connecticut.  It was really pretty out on the end of Long Island…lots of orchards.  Its called the winery.  It was also pretty chilly…wind blowing across the water on both sides of us. 




Here’s something I never thought I would see…welcome to Connecticut!  We paid even more since Wally was using premium gas in the bike.


We rode a scenic highway and it was very scenic.  We were there for the leaves, but most of them had dropped in this area.  I guess they had a big drop in temps and a huge wind, and the leaves dropped overnight.  But I enjoyed the small towns and the tree lined roads.  I can only imagine the history that has taken place here.  There were several private schools…and their grounds were pristine!


I loved this old stone rectory and church.



There were lots of these rock walls and graveyards.  Many of the tombstones were quite old and looked like they were barely standing.




We passed this farm and stopped to buy some maple syrup.  I knocked on the back door and stepped into a kitchen with a huge wood burning stove.  It was so nice and toasty!  I had a hard time leaving and getting back on the motorcycle.


Here’s  flock of wild turkeys next to the road…you don’t see that too often in Colorado.


We finally arrived at our Bed and Breakfast in Brattleboro, VT



I loved getting this little tray sent up to our room in the morning. 


I don’t think I had my glasses on when I took a picture of our breakfast table, it’s a bit fuzzy.  We enjoyed this B&B. The innkeeper was a Christian and she decorated with lots of scripture hanging on the walls.  She said she and her husband bought the house in 1960 as a fixer upper and raised their six kids in it. Then they fixed it up for a B&B.  The other two couples we had breakfast with were there to walk the trails in the woods.  Wally and I both decided Vermont would be a place to return to and explore.


These were the last of the leaves on the tree at the B&B.


We found a covered bridge right in the middle of town.  It is not used anymore for traffic.  This is the Creamery Bridge built in 1879.  There was large cheese factory in town also.



This was just outside of town, a little more color here.  And it improved as we headed down the road to Bennington, MA.




Stay tuned for more leaf peeping!

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