Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthday Wishes!!

Today is our daughter’s 30th Birthday!  Happy Birthday Andrea Michelle!  A year ago I shared the story of your birth here.  It’s always fun looking back at old photos and remembering special times.  And then to think how that little precious baby so quickly became a lovely young woman.  I did notice that in many of the pictures our daughter had a tongue issue…

Andrea 2 years old


We probably should have had that looked at before she became a bride!

Andrea's wedding Oct. 2006

Okay, that was for fun.  Some Birthday humor!  When I was looking back through the photos, I seem to have a big gap from baby to young lady.  I guess those photos have not reached the digital age yet. You were a pretty cute little girl and someday I will be able show those off. I did have lots of photos of you as that young always look very nice and clean and feminine!  But you did grow up in Colorado.  I thought you might like reliving some of your mountain adventures.


Remember this fishing trip?  We had just picked you up from camp at the Wilds and a week of Camper in Training.  Then we hiked up to Cataracht Lake to fish.  Wesley took a big cast with his pole and landed it right in your leg!


This was your first elk hunt.  The scrapbook said, “this was all the action your gun saw.”  No elk, but Dad remembers lots of mud.


This was skeet shooting at Uncle Lewis’ in OK.  No memories from Dad and I on this one…did you get any?

Andrea's Elk

And here you are, the great white hunter!  The scrap book says about this, “perfect lung shot at 150 yds.!”    This was a family hunting trip just after Christmas.  I thought after one day of hanging out in cold, you and I would stay in the hotel and scrapbook while the boys hunted.   But you were very determined to have an elk and sure enough, the last morning out, you and Kenny both were successful!  Dad made you gut it and all! Not bad for the girl who can’t stand to patty out burgers!

These next photos are of you at Georgia Pass on the Continental Divide.  I think you had several outings with Dad there.

Ben and Andrea on Georgia Pass

Dad & Andrea to Georgia Pass

Ben and Andrea on Georgia Pass

You took special friends there when they came to visit in Colorado…Danielle and…Ben!

Ben and Andrea on Georgia Pass

Leaving the mountains behind, we sent you off to college and by graduation God brought a wonderful young man into your life, Ben. 


Andrea's College Graduation

NYC - The Statue of Liberty

Ben tagged along on part of our vacation after graduation.  We piled into the our Camry wagon which had a seat in the back end. Kind of cozy for you two, until your brothers joined you!

Visiting the Campbells

Remember that little poem,” A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be your best friend?”  I have always felt that long before I read it!

Mom visits Andrea's new home

And Dads are no different.  You are his little girl.  He would do anything for you!

andrea and wally at borncos game

wally and andrea, Fahters Day 2007

Andrea's College Graduation

Which is why it is so hard to give you away.


andrea's dress from balcony

It does help a bit though when the grandkids come along!  How fun to watch you as a Mom! 

Birth of Elaine Cristin Hamilton

Elaine holding Nolan

andrea and kids at lake

You have your own family now and it is growing!  So are the experiences we get to share with you.  Thirty years certainly have come quickly! We thank the Lord for each one of them as your Mom and Dad. 

Happy Birthday Andrea Michelle!!

“being confident of this vey thing, that He Who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;”  Phil. 1:6

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Andrea said...

So as soon as I saw the fishing picture I got mad at Wesley again for sticking his hook in his leg. And yes, there was lots of mud on that hunting trip. Dust actually. I sat on the back of an ATV and ate dust for two days. But...Dad made up for it and I didn't have to gut my elk - just hold it's legs open. Thanks Mom!


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