Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Back to Brooklyn

When we returned from two days of leaf peeping in New England, we spent one last day in New York with Andrea and the kids.  We just took it easy, enjoying the grands and took a walk to do a little shopping in Brooklyn.  Funny, Wally though he heard “going to the park and lunch.”  He seemed a bit confused when we wound up on 86th Avenue and Andrea and I kept stopping in the stores.  He did get to sit on a bench quite a bit though, just not in the park!


A little excitement on that morning happened when Wally went out to check on the bike and trailer parked on the street.  One of Andrea’s elderly neighbors fell on the sidewalk.  Wally rushed to help her up and she fell unconscious right into his arms.  He yelled for Andrea to call 911 and Andrea’s landlady, who is a nurse, came to help.  It was kind of interesting to see that huge fire truck work its way down the narrow street.  More interesting was the cars that scooted right around it and kept on moving!  Turns out the neighbor lady had recently had a pacemaker put in and it needed some tweaking!  I will say that the neighborhood people really rallied around to check in on her and bring her food.  They do take care of each other.


Then we set out on our walk.  I am surprised Andrea gets anywhere on her own, Elaine is in a world of her own walking down the street!  It is enjoyable to us grandparents and I’m glad Nolan was content in the stroller!



Elaine and Grandpa both lagged behind a bit as we passed a new pretzel store that had opened.  And they were yummy…Auntie Ann’s move over!


It seems that all the pics I took of Nolan he was on the move and they were blurry, or he was eating!  Pretty much describes his life though!


I think we actually took these photos the morning we set out for New England.  We brought Elaine’s birthday gift along with us and gave it to her early.  And Nolan got a “just because” gift. 



A tea set for the Birthday Princess and what could be better than…


….a bath time tea!


We sure enjoyed being with Andrea and the kids…and also Ben before he went out of town.  We had a wonderful time and loved their hospitality!


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