Thursday, January 14, 2016

Our Year in Reveiw Part Four

August was very busy.  While we were packing boxes to move, boxes showed up on my doorstep…materials for Bible Study Fellowship.

812 (2)

We moved from Polo Club North about 18 miles to a house we rented in Highlands Ranch.  We made many daily trips like this moving boxes out of the garage and storage area. 


We could not have made the move without these wonderful young people!  One evening we pulled everything out of the attic storage and they moved it from the upstairs apartment down to the garage.  Another evening two of them came and moved everything we had stacked in the garage and we took it to the house.  Then there was moving day…moving all the furniture to the new house.  They were AWESOME!!!


915 (2)

917 (2)

We moved our bedroom about a week before everything else and started staying at the house.  It was a bit awkward at the apartment!

907 (2)

JoEllen came home for her summer visit!  She got in late one evening and so Robin went with me to the airport to meet Jo’s plane!  Surprise!!  Here’s our Sister Selfie!

Jo's visit

One thing I loved about our new neighborhood…the walking trails.  Jo went for a walk with Sadie and me when she came for a short visit!  We also put together a quick “gilrs” day.  We had our own summer tea and worked on a few cards for Jo.


Tea and cardmaking with Jo

Tea and cardmaking with Jo

Jo's visit

And then I boarded a palne for New York city.  I had a new grandbaby that was a little over due!  I was hoping he would put in his arrival either before or shortly after my arrival and I could help Andrea get a bit of rest.  But I only had a week before I had to be back for the Area Workshop for BSF.  Wouldn’t you know that little guy waited until the very end of my trip to be born??  And then they kept little Henry and Andrea a day longer because his bilurubin count was a bit elevated.  That only gave me a little bit of time to love on him!  But I did get som fun time with all the other Grands!  I’ll have to do a post or two just about them…it’ll be worth it! 

Henry Thaddeus “Tad” Hamilton
Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 6:21 a.m.
8 pounds, 21 inches long

Henry (2)

1034 (2) 
   Beautiful Daughter…

1019 (2)

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