Friday, January 1, 2016

Our Year in Review

Today is the last day of 2015, not a very good year for my blog with only four posts! (It is one of my 2016 goals to resume blogging.)  So I thought I would share some photos to  recap the year I didn’t get blogged!  Enjoy!

Kenny and Becky had been home for Christmas 2014, but that was close enough to the start of 2015 to include them.  We had a nice visit with them and it ended with a family dinner with my parents and Jo. Wally smoked ribs!

While JoEllen was home we threw her a party for her Big 60th Birthday!

The Birthday Girl!
Mom, Jo and Dad

Most of or family came to the party and long time friends of our family-and very special to Jo-Mrs. Loyd and her daughter Kathy!  We had so much fun, complete with games...Pin the Tail on the donkey, Clothes-Pin Drop, and Musical Chairs!


In February my Dad had a Birthday, his 89th!  We gathered at the Original Pancake House for his Birthday Breakfast.  

Aaron was the only one of the Grand kids who came.

I had to sneak in a card making project or two--this is the card I made for my Dad.

Wally and I took a day and drove to Breckenridge for the Ice Sculpture competition.  It was the last week of the event and it had been warm, but the sculptures were still in good shape.

I went off on a "Girl's Weeekend!"  My good friend Margie had moved to San Fancisco and we had talked about a visit many times.  President's Day weekend seemed like a good time.  Wally took Wesley pig was a bust.  And I got on a plane with my other good friend...and Margie's sister...Esther.  We had a wonderful time!  Margie had planned and organized our weekend.  We had incredible sunny weather and a wonderful time!

We walked across the Golden Gate Bridge

The three of us at the bottom of Lombard Street

Esther and Margie on the San Andreas Fault

Ben and Andrea came through our neck of the woods on deputation.  They were at our church for our Missions Conference and others in the area.  They were in and out in February and March.

A big project at Polo Club North began, road repairs.  What I mostly remember about this project is that it was very cut up and difficult to keep a through way open around the community.  we think it went rather smoothly, but it always amazed me how certain people just cannot handle any inconvenience, like driving the opposite way around the circle to avoid the closed parts of the road.  One lady actually told us she thought she would have to move because of the mess!  

That's the first four months.  

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