Sunday, January 10, 2016

Our Year in Review, Part Three


In May, Colorado received a lot of rain.  Some areas experienced their "wettest May on record." Denver was recorded as being four inches above "normal".  It was quite a spring not only for rain, but the hail and were tornadoes around the area.  I remember one night when the hail woke us up at midnight...

I think I replanted my garden three times...

Kenny and Becky celebrated their 4th Wedding Anniversary

Sadie settled into a 'friendship" with our balcony squirrel!

We celebrated Father's Day at Polo Club, on the patio outside the pool!

Dads: Wally, Scott, Dad, Kyle and Terry

The nieces and nephews: Nicole, Aaron, Kyle and Krista

Me and the Dad of my kids!

Wally and I took our first ride for the year.  We rode over Kenosha Pass and came upon the fields on both sides of the rode covered in wild was gorgeous!

The storms that began in May continued throughout June.  They seemed to build in the day and thunder in the late afternoon.  The hail would strip the trees and plug the gutters and downspouts. Wally spent a lot of time in the rain clearing the gutters to alleviate the flooding issues.

We had a weekend getaway.  Happ, our painter and friend, let us stay a night in his family's condo in Silverthorne.  We rode over Hoosier Pass and Breckenridge and ended up in Silverthorne.

Back at the ranch, or rather Polo Club North, the rains continued.  One afternoon the hail came so fast, the street drains became plugged and the water unable to drain away. We had knee deep water int he streets.  Cars would drive through the community and create a tidal wave that ran between the units.  One unit had their window well filled wind the water broke the window and flooded their basement.  We had a lot of flooding.  And we even had to rescue a man from his car.

This was car the next morning.

There was a lot of clean up after that storm.  One evening I looked up in time to see the most gorgeous sunset!  

Every year at PCN we have baby ducks to rescue from the drains.  Here's Sadie getting a close up look at one little baby before I put him into the pond to find Mom,

Nolan turned four at the end of June

Here's a graduation card I made for one of the grads at church


On the Fourth of July Wally and I were invited to a luncheon at one of our resident's home in Georgetown.  They are judges for the parade and then we met at their house afterward.  We rode the 
motorcycle up early enough to have breakfast and then enjoy the "small town" parade!  It was a lot of fun!

Mrs. Binkley was one of our residents that we really enjoyed from day one at Polo Club North.  She loved to talk politics with Wally.  She was nearly blind but could somehow still play Bridge.  So twice a week I drove her to her Bridge games, and occasionally other appointments.   Her family moved her to assisted living in New Mexico, closer to their home, in 2014.  In February of 2015 she turned 93.  She passed away about a month later.  Her memorial was held in July in Chama, NM. Wally and I decided to attend and afterward we headed to the Wildflower Festival in Crested Butte, CO.  It was at this time that we lost our jobs.  It was one of the four blogs I managed to post about in 2015, here.  

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