Monday, January 9, 2017


Happy 2017!  Andrea gave my blog a make over and I thought I had better write something new to go along with it!  (It was kind of shocking to see my last post was an entire year ago!)  I wish that getting a make over for me personally was as cute and easy as sending out a text message!  It takes a little more to bring about this kind of change.  It takes some personal work and my favorite word…discipline!  I hope you are reading the sarcasm there because discipline has never been my favorite thing!  Yet I know it is so necessary to accomplish anything worthwhile.  It takes good old fashioned, daily, routine even, work!  As I was thinking about this thing we do every year called New Year’s Resolutions, I thought really I just need to get back to the work, the discipline.  What happens to me is that during the year I let all kinds of bad habits slip in and set up camp!  And with them come all these distractions or excuses that keep me from doing what needs to be done.  It just sets up this awful battle of trying to find an easier or a more exciting  way.  But, if I want time with the Lord, guess what?  I have to take time to be in His Word.  If I want a better prayer life, I have to take time to pray!  There’s really no new or clever ways to do this!  So rather than make a list of what I resolve to do differently this year, I’m starting with some house cleaning…removing those things I let in that are really worthless time wasters.  When Andrea redid my blog it looked so fresh and  ready for new things.  That’s what I want from this year that is before me!  To be renewed! 

Renew means to resume, reestablish, repeat. Ha!  Doesn’t that sound like a good description of discipline?  

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