Sunday, January 10, 2016

Our Year in Review, Part Two


The beginning of May brought the end of Bible Study Fellowship.  We had studied the Life of Moses and it was another awesome year in God's Word.  We had our end of the year Leader's Fellowship at the Polo Club Clubhouse.

This is the Admin team, minus one.  Gayle, April and I have served together for several years now.

This is the class Staff, Gail, Me, Debbie and Alethea.  We have been serving together for about six years...wonderful friends and godly women!  Sadly, this was Gail's last year.  She and her husband were moving to Seattle.

Also in May, Robin and I took our parents to Wisconsin where Jo lives.  It had been a few years since they had made it back.  Mom was needing/wanting to check out Jo's needs.  We made it a girl's weekend, with Dad in tow!  It was Mother's Day weekend and we realized Mom and Jo had not spent a Mother's Day together since JoEllen came to Shepherd's to live, forty years ago!

This is Jo's corner of her world!  We spent Friday going through her clothes,and trying to part with belongings that were broken and worn out.  If you know Jo, that is a tough thing to do!  We also took Jo to a salon in town and had her hair done.

This is Christine, Jo's room mate!  What a character!

aturday we went for a mani/pedicure...Dad included!  We looked up a Tea place in Milwaukee and after getting our nails done, we had tea at Watt's Tea House...Dad included!

Dad won one of the gifts in the Mother's Day raffle at the Tea.  He was the only male in the room! Edible flowers were on our dessert tray, we probably shouldn't have encouraged Jo...

Sunday, Mother's Day we went to church with Jo.

Back home, we gained permission from the Landscape Committee to build a garden box on the back side of the tennis court area.  Wally built it and I planted it.  I was excited to get to garden!

One of residents ran into one of the mailbox kiosks.  I felt so badly for her...she just could not remember what had happened!

Memorial Day Weekend Wally rode his motorcycle to Squim, WA where his brother had recently moved.  Wally helped him re-roof his new house.  Then he took a day to sight see...the photos below are of Wally at the Olympic Peninsula.  Wally also visited a lavender farm...not in bloom.  Squim is the largest lavender producing area in the United States.  I think I'd love to visit when it is in bloom!

Okay, so this post just got us through May...

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