Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Two weekends ago Wally left Denver late in the afternoon bound for Riverton, WY.  Four hundred miles later, about 9:00 pm, he arrived at a hotel and yanked his friend Mike out of bed.  Time to go get a steak!  I think Mike and Wally have been doing stuff like this for a lot of years.  They are childhood buds!

Mike and Wally as kids

Mike now lives in Billings,MT.  Wally has been wanting to see Mike’s new place and they have both been wanting a road trip on their bikes.  So they met in Riverton, sort of halfway for both.  From Riverton they rode to Grand Teton National Park. 

bike trip to yellowstone


Jackson Lake


Then to Yellowstone





After Yellowstone, they rode back to Mike’s house.  They even got in a little Cabella’s shopping.  Three days of riding covering 1,600 miles.   A weekend designed for the guys for sure!  I’ll take the scrapbooking and tea parties!

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