Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Really, Thirty-One Years?

I came across a loose photo a few weeks back and decided to just leave it out on the table for awhile.  It was taken after Wally asked me to marry him.  I must have said yes because he has a big grin on his face!  And I think he’s holding the roses he gave me.  I left the photo laying out because I knew our anniversary was approaching and I just wanted to be reminded of how young and skinny we once were!


So today is our 31st Anniversary.  Thirty-one years!  Wow, I cannot even begin to express how quickly the years have gone by.  A couple of years ago I blogged about how we met, had long-distance courtship, were married and settled down to raising kids.  You can go back and check out  the story if you are really that interested.  The pictures are probably worth a look.  Anyway,Yesterday I was reading in my “Life Management for Busy Women” book and I read something that does express just what I felt. 

“Falling in love is easy.”  It really is.  Here’s the guy I was smitten with all those years ago.  I have had this photo on my nightstand more years than I have been married!  This is still the guy I see when I look at Wally. 


“But growing a Christian marriage and nurturing a life-long friendship and building a permanent relationship takes work-----hard work!  It takes a commitment.  It takes determination.  It takes time and sacrifice.  And it takes daily management.”  That is exactly the way I would have expressed it if I had had the words!  Then I would add, “But it is so worth it!”

I know I am very blessed to have had thirty one years of experiences with one man.  He is my “Charles Ingalls.”  He probably thinks he is “Bond, James Bond.”  But Charles Ingalls proved his love every day when he worked so hard to provide for his family.  There was nothing he would not do to keep his family safe.  No job was too difficult or too dirty.  He could hardly wait to get home to his family each night and he always swept me, I mean Caroline, up in a big embrace!  To all that he had integrity. 

So Happy Anniversary Wally.  You have the looks of Little Joe and the maturity of Charles Ingalls!  And you have blessed me for thirty-one years with your commitment and faithfulness and love and care!  I do love you!

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