Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tea Time!

When Jo visits it means it is time for we sisters to get together for tea…with Mom of course!  This year we invited a special friend along, she is almost  family, Mrs. Loyd!  We returned to Mrs. B’s Tea House in Littleton. 


I think Mrs. Loyd said this was her first Tea.  She and my Mom have had a friendship of over fifty years.  We had a good time reminiscing about those years.  Mrs. Loyd was Robin’s Sunday School teacher in the fifth grade.  Robin said one year Mrs. Loyd asked all the girls if they each had a Barbie doll.  Then for Christmas, she had crocheted them each a doll dress.  Robin remembered baby blankets she had received for her boys as babies and cute things she made at holidays.  I too have received baby blankets and little outfits and dresses she has crocheted.  She always does something special for JoEllen each Christmas.  But the greatest gift Mrs. Loyd has shown is a faithful friendship. When my Mom was in the hospital and rehab for many weeks fall and and again early in 2012, Mrs. Loyd came to visit nearly every day! 


I had to show two pictures to be fair…Mom looks good in one and Mrs. Loyd in the other.  Too bad I could not just splice them together!


It also took three tries to get us sisters looking good…but we do look good!

We had a good time,as usual.  Robin’s four little granddaughters had just visited and she had cute stories and lots of pictures.  Lots, and lots of pictures…she needs to start her own blog and share them!


Jo trying to maneuver the sugar bowl tongs


Lots of laughter!

When we do Tea in Littleton, we have some favorite antique and gift shops to enjoy.  Since Mom is still moving slowly with her cane, we made it a quick browse but still had a good time.  Sister time usually is a good time!


Andrea said...

Oh...that was so sweet to bring Mrs. Loyd along! And I too have been the recipient of several hand crocheted items from her...including my favorite afghan as a wedding gift! Maybe one day we will all be together for tea again and Elaine can join us!

Sherry said...

I forgot about my afghan that Mrs. Loyd made for my wedding...Still in great shape! And I still see you in that little pink dress! She is a true "Dorcas".


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