Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Prayer.  It is one of my New Year’s decisions to cultivate this area of my life.  This past week in our  lesson at Bible Study Fellowship, we had the account of King Hezekiah and his wonderful dependence upon the Lord through prayer. The Assyrian army was outside his gates and Hezekiah fell on his face before the Lord.  And the Lord delivered him and Jerusalem.  This quote stood out to me from the notes:

“It was also important for Hezekiah to pray, even though God had already determined to deliver Judah;  thus God’s sovereign purpose is well in accord with the necessity and the responsibility for the king to commit to prayer what God had planned to do. As God carries out His great purpose, He acts through His people’s prayers.”

Pastor Musgrave used to say it like this. Prayer is not about getting something I want from God.  Prayer is about bringing my will into alignment with His will.  And then God graciously allows me to be part of the work and answer to that prayer.

This week I had an answer to something that I had been praying about for a short time now. I think sometimes that I am not desperate enough in my prayers. Then along comes a situation that reminds me, I need  to pray more.  Like King Hezekiah, I need to come before the Lord with the attitude that there is no other place for me to go.  How thankful I am for the avenue of prayer and the answers that God sends.

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