Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Great White Buffalo Hunters!

Wally and Mike Durham

Aren’t they cute?  This is Wally and his friend Mike Durham.  They have been friends for…well, let’s just say for a long time!  Wally and Mike grew up in Indiana.  they didn’t attend the same schools but they did go to Sunday School together.  They have some of the same interests, cars, woodworking, hunting.  And they blame each other for all the trouble they got into!  Mike has been visiting us recently.  He came out to hunt--- for a new job possibly and also for buffalo.  The buffalo hunt isn’t really a hunt.  Wally and Mike drove up near Fairplay to a ranch.  You pay for the kind of buffalo you want and then the owners drive you out to the herd and you take a shot!   Wally and Mike split the cost of the buffalo and Mike got to shoot it because he drove out from Indiana.  Mike gets the skull and horns to mount and we get the hide for a nice buffalo blanket!  I am looking forward to having buffalo in the freezer! 

Mike and the buffalo

Mike and Wally…a few years down the road!


That’s Wally in the back row on the left, then Mike and Tim, Wally’s brother, on the floor.  Wally claims to have no memory of this picture and Mike claims it has warped his manhood!  I guess this is a re-enactment of the nativity and Mike was forced to be Mary!

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