Friday, May 28, 2010

I’m Running Out of Clever Titles for my Card Posts, So…How About…Here is More Cards!! ;)

A few more occasions that called for a card!  I am loving giving cards now more than when I frequented the Hallmark Store!

This little mouse card was a farewell card for a family in our church who is moving.

The inside:

I just love that little mouse!

This card was for a friend having some surgery. At first I just threw some stickers down.  But then I added the buttons and stickle and it really jazzed the stickers up.  I like it a lot!

A graduation card.  I haven’t had too many grad announcements this year.  That made me think that it was last year I really started making cards.  I had a lot of grads and I just decided to make the cards rather purchase them. So this might be like an anniversary or something!

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