Friday, May 28, 2010

Down the Garden Path

Just a note here.  I do not claim to know a lot about gardening or scripture. What I do “know” is what I “know” by experience; trial, error, correction, and seeking help kinds of experience.  So what I hope to share in my Garden Path Posts are just thoughts or lessons from the Lord that come my way while I work in my flower beds

A couple of years ago Wally expanded my flower beds in the back yard.  We thought we would take one area and turn it into just wildflowers.  We even took a class at Tagawa’s Nursery and picked out just the seed we wanted.  Well, you know what wildflowers are don’t you? Just weeds! The stuff that came up and where it came up at, just drove me crazy! Some of those wildflowers were determined to take over.  I was out there this week trying to clear some of the area, so the flowers I did like could be seen and have room to grow. This one plant was awful and I tried to pull it out. I could not believe how strong those roots were. You would have thought it had been there for years! I had to get a spade and work around the flower, loosening the roots. Finally, out it came! I kept thinking, “how did this get here?  This is not what I wanted!”

Then my thoughts hit my heart.  Those wild roots are just as hard to get rid of as my bad habits. I have let some things take over, just like my wildflowers.  And I look now and think, “how did this habit get started?  This is not what I wanted!”  Specifically, I thought of my time with the Lord.  While Bible Study was still in session, I guarded and disciplined my time pretty well.  I had told the Lord, “I will not look at email or facebook until I have had my time with You. I will give You my time while my heart is still quiet and undistracted.” Well, two weeks ago, Bible Study ended and I started staying up later and not getting up in the morning. (My seed was being planted).  Then I was just going to give my email a quick check because there might be new pictures of my granddaughter, Elaine there.  (Roots sinking down)  And then a phone call or some other interruption and guess what?  My first time of the day with the Lord was gone!

And while it has only been a couple of weeks, I have a habit that has put down roots and needs to be loosened and worked until it is gone. It does start with realizing the sin, like out there in the garden.  Then confessing it and going back to the good habits…get to bed on time, set the alarm to get up, and give my best time of the day to the Lord! That is where I am at today!

I have two peony bushes.  For some reason this one by the front door blooms early and fast.  It is a gorgeous pink.  My other bush is more pale and is just developing its blooms.  I will show you later.


Andrea said...

Excellent thoughts!

Sherry said...

Thanks are my best blog responder! Are you trying to boost my confidence? I appreciate it, :)


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