Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Fun

This post is just some fun stuff I have made for Easter this year.  One good thing (and the list is not long) about always running behind is that this banner I started last year was easy to complete this year!  Here is the idea I saw and followed. Their banner was designed to hang down on a wide ribbon.  I think that is where I went astray last year…I never bought the ribbon.  This year I didn’t take time to run to Joann’s either so I went with punching holes in the corners and hanging it over our fireplace.  I think I am a little disappointed that the letters do no stand out more…especially in a photo.  But I did like using the floral paper and  I love the spring colors.  I was thinking I might do a “He Is Risen” banner also.  Maybe I could start it this year and finish it next!

I tried to scrunch the squares up to get it in a photo.  It just was hard to capture the entire thing and to have no shadow. 


Here’s a close up of just one letter…the banner spells “easter.”


I am filling in for one of the Sunday School teachers at our church for a couple of months.  It has been fun teaching older kids.  I have the 4-6th grade girls.  I made these little treat boxes for them last week.  We won’t be having class this Sunday because of the Easter drama the church is presenting.  You can find the video tutorial for these at my chic’n scratch.  She’s one of my favorite blogs on cards and paper crafts.


I picked up a couple cute stamps at Hobby Lobby recently…thinking of my grandkids.  I love this little girl, she has a Bible in her basket.  All I did was stamp them on paper ( you know I ‘m a big stamper, right?) and punched them into tags.  I tied them to a  for a milk carton full of jelly beans for Elaine and Nolan.



I didn’t make these plants but they have been fun for me to watch this Easter season…Christmas cactus in bloom!  Last year I watered the plants for one of our residents when he leaves for the winter.  This year he is not returning.  He decided to sell and stay in Arizona.  His kids have been clearing out the house and they gave me the Christmas cactus plants…and a pretty nice wrought iron stand they set on.  I had wanted to repot them every time I went to his house and watered, they were in such small pots.  So, now I did.  I don’t know if that motivated them to bloom or just why, but bloom they have.  I find it interesting that my Christmas cactus and his are both blooming now for Easter.  Also interesting is that my cactus used to be a pink flower but it is more red now.  They are really pretty. 




I hope you do some fun things this spring and Easter!

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Becky said...

So, so cute! I just love the little boy and girl stamps :) your Christmas cactus' are pretty too. I slways loved watching my mom's bloom in January (they usually missed bloomjng at Christmas too)


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