Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Cards

I could have included this on my last post but I thought it might be a little long.  Here are my Easter cards I made for my kids and family.  They might just see it here before they actually hold it.  Like I mentioned in my last post, I tend to be running late!

This is the card I pinned from Pinterest.

Easter card

It is from a blog I like to visit, Dawn’s Stamping Thoughts.  I just changed the sentiment.  I really liked the purple and yellow together, even though my paper was different. 


Then I decided I wanted to change the sentiment to a Bible verse.  So I printed it out from my computer onto different colored paper.

Easter cards 2013

Easter cards 2013

Easter cards 2013

Today in my mailbox I got two cards from Elaine and Nolan. 


This scribble is from Nolan


And this if from Elaine.  Do you see the capital letter E ?


You know I’m going to enjoy this book mark!


Cards and letters are just hard to replace with email and texts!  Hope you enjoy something that comes in the mail this week!

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