Friday, October 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Pretty simply, I am thankful to be a grandma and to be in New York with my grandkids for a few days!  Today we just had a good time of being together!  It was fun to watch their little personalities. 


Elaine, almost three, dress herself, chatters, does not like to have hair on her hand or pepper on her fries. It takes her a long time to eat two chicken nuggets. When we walk through the automatic doors at a store, she runs up to it and yells, “open”  then turns around and tells them to “close”!   She is a bit of a dawdler and wants to stop and pick up leaves and acorns on the sidewalks and look through the pickets of fences.  She does not jump very big and Grandma should not have suggested that she jump over the cracks of the sidewalk…that slowed our walk quite a bit!  But she does look so cute bouncing down the sidewalk, chatting and singing to herself! 

Elaine is into “princesses”.  I have a Cricut cartridge, “Once Upon a Princess”.  I brought it along and we cut out some paper doll princesses.



Nolan, 15 months old, is just busy.  He moves, a lot!  There’s not a lot of noise and it seems like when he slows down, you just feed him and he starts moving again!  He’s a tease and he just grins and laughs at you!  He’s kind of a smarty too.  He finds something of yours and he picks it up and brings it to you…my glasses (I could  use that service at home when I can never find them!), my Bible, my camera. Sometimes the things he brings were plugged in, like the hair dryer! 


He helped me wash the dishes!  Well, I was trying to wash, not sure what he was doing!


He’s Mamma’s helper too.  He climbs right up in the chair and is ready to help out.  I guess the fact that food is nearby might be a motivator!


It’s great to be a Grandma!


Becky said...

It sounds like you guys are having a blast!

Sherry said...

We are. And soon, we will be having fun with you too!

Debbie said...

Looks like you're having a great time & making lots of memories!! Your grandchildren are adorable!!


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