Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This past Thursday was the Annual Community Dinner here at the Polo Club.  It reminded me that a year ago at this same dinner, Wally and I were introduced as the new Resident Managers.  That evening is such a blur to me.  We had been working about a month and a half and had only just moved into our new apartment.  What a difference a year makes.  My Mother in law had told me, “it will take you a good year to adjust”, and she was right.  I won’t admit to being fully adjusted, but it does feel more like home every day.  I just wanted to say how thankful I am for the Lord’s help over the past year as Wally and I transitioned to this new “life”. I am thankful too for Wally’s patience when I have those panicky moments that tell me I don’t belong here!

I really enjoyed the dinner this year.  We had a good turn out and it was nice to actually know many of the residents and chat with them. Here’s a few photos of the big event!


This is Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Downing and  Mrs. Galas. The two ladies that I caught with their eyes open, have been organizing the dinner for several years.  They made all the flower arrangements for the tables.  They bought little pumpkins and filled them with flowers and greenery that they cut from the gardens in the community.  I heard Mrs. Downing went about doing all the collecting!  I thought they turned out so nice.


This arrangement was put together by a gentleman who is a designer.  He has been doing Peyton Manning’s new house here in Denver).  I saw him going around and snipping greenery and grasses and then he put them in a real pumpkin.  It was in the entry way as the guests arrived.


Here are the tables all set and waiting to be filled…




…and fill them we did!



This is Dr. Eliff.  He played the piano while the guests arrived and mingled.  He actually plays in a jazz group.  We just purchased a book he has written, Sterling Heroes.  He interviewed thirty-six WW II veterans from rural northeastern Colorado and compiled their stories.  It took him ten years. He himself is from the town of Sterling and many of these men he knew personally.  The book is quite interesting.  He is quite talented and has been very kind to Wally and I.


This gentlemen Wally is talking with is Ben, another remarkable man.  We became friendly with him right away because he used to come and swim every afternoon.  Until this year, he was still teaching some medical classes at Denver University.  In January he had heart surgery which has slowed him down.  He no longer comes to swim.  His wife told me was going to have his 95th Birthday soon.

So we have one year behind us!!  There are many people we have not even met in the community.  Many whom we have met have lived amazing lives.  Many are quite challenging and give us interesting days!  I am thankful to reach this point and to discover that I like helping the people here.  And living in an apartment isn’t so bad either!

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