Thursday, October 18, 2012

Elaine and Nolan

Here’s a little hodge podge of photos I took of the kids the first few days here in Brooklyn.  On Sunday when the kids were all dressed for church I wanted to get some pictures of them together.  Elaine had her hair all curled and a new purse from the neighbor downstairs!  She’s kind of into having her picture taken these days.  She wants to look at it right afterwards.  Nolan, not so much!  He doesn’t stay still long enough.  But I tried!


This is Elaine’s “Princess” move, holding out her dress!


And can you tell she is saying “Cheese”



Out on the steps with Mom’s help, we did a little better



Here they are busy keeping those pearly whites nice and clean


Ben and Andrea do not have a television and movies are a recent thing for Elaine.  Grandma put a Lassie on for them to see.  Elaine really likes it and Nolan is interested only as long as Lassie is barking since he too can bark!  Woof! Woof!  It also sounds a little like a growl!


Nolan enjoying his snack!  Truly you just put food in him and he keeps moving!


And here’s a cleaned up version of Nolan…I can almost smell how good he smells with his lotion!


Enjoy Grandma’s Brag Book…there’s more to come!

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