Thursday, October 18, 2012

Central Park

Wally arrived by motorcycle very late on Sunday night.  The axle on the trailer broke and he had to get a mobile welder to come to him…off the side of the road near Hagerstown, Maryland.  Kind of glad he had a smart phone and could do a search for that!  Also, very thankful to the Lord for protecting him so that the wheel didn't come completely off and cause an accident!  Here’s the bike and trailer all parked safely in front of Andrea’s apartment in Brooklyn.  Of course we only got this wonderful spot because it was street cleaning and a whole of car shifting was going on…Wally and Andrea were out there waiting!


We had tickets for the 9/11 Memorial for Monday afternoon so we thought a carousel ride and visit to the zoo at Central park would be fun to do before that.  Here we go off to the train.


At the entrance to Central Park, pregnant Andrea was famished and we stopped to get a hotdog.  These birds were really fussing with each other over who got to sip the water in the hole. 


Kind of like a couple od kiddos who were also having their own water issues…only Momma was not having any of it! 


Unhappy granddaughter.


Exasperated Mom.


Best get to the park.  I do like to walk in the park, it’s very pretty.




Move on Grandma and Grandpa, we want to get to the carousel!


Yeah!  Cotton candy, and ponies!




Then we had the shortest zoo visit ever….it was closed due to a power outage!  Elaine was devastated!  She had been talking all morning about feeding the goats!  It looked like a pretty nice zoo too!


What do you do with disappointed kids?  Spend fifty cents to smash a penny and imprint it with an animal….then call it a day!


Apparently Elaine is not very fond of pigeons.  She chases after them and says “Go away!”  She’s pretty boisterous and determined about the task…especially for such a little thing!



I don’t blame her really.  The pigeons are a mess.  I told Wally that if I were ever to become famous or do a heroic deed, and they want to put up a statue to honor me, please don’t let them do it.  Only the pigeons seem to really care and I don’t want that kind of attention!


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