Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Nathan!

My day is nearly over and since Nathan is about eight hours ahead of me, he is long past Tuesday.  But I wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday!  He  may be the baby in my family, but today he turned 50 years old!

NathanIsn’t he a cutie?

Nathan at Christmas 1974He was kind of a wild Indian growing up…

Mom & Nathan 1979 or 80And he drove his Mom crazy sometimes!

050_50He’d never admit it, but he is a lot like his Dad

Des Moines, IA June 1970And just a nice ending to our family!

As an adult we have not seen a lot of Nathan.  He is one of those smart computer geeks… I think…in the telecommunications field.  And he has been living in Malaysia.  In 2006 he came home and  introduced his family to us.  His wife Akemi and daughter Ayaka.  Nathan comes home for Christmas 2006

This past Christmas, they all came home again and we had a good time together. 


Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

I know these guys look like a new singing group, but really they are showing off their new shirts Nathan brought.  Kind of funny to think of them as a singing group, when I don’t think any of them carry a tune.  But they are a  good looking group!

Christmas Eve 2011

Fifty years Nathan Jay!  I have always enjoyed you as a brother.  Your smile and laughter are contagious.  I have known you to be very generous and concerned for others.  You have visited a lot of the world and experienced many cultures.  You have a wonderful family and you are a great Dad to your daughter.  Not bad for fifty years of life!  God has blessed you indeed!  I hope you have (had) a special Birthday.  We miss you here in Colorado!

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