Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Wow!  I’m actually getting my Thankful Thursday post done on Thursday.  Perhaps I should be thankful for that and call it a day.  Except I would love to share with you how well Mom is doing and the rehab center God provided to us.  Yesterday morning I read this in Psalm 115:1b~”But to Your name give glory, because of Your mercy, Because of Your truth,”  and I knew I wanted to do just that…Give God the glory!

Mom had a tough six days in the hospital.  Sunday, medical things began to improve and they were talking discharge on Monday.  So we needed a rehabilitation center for Mom to go into.  I had looked at one on Friday and overall I thought it was nice.  It was a nursing home/rehab and the rooms were small and definitely more “hospitalist”.  But not bad. 

Then a friend of Mom and Dad’s told them about Azure.  She had stayed there and Mom and Dad remembered visiting her.  Wally and I went and looked at the facility and it was truly, very, very nice.  More like a hotel.  On Monday there was a snafu with the insurance.  I called Robin and told her we needed to pray and literally, another phone call was coming in before I got my sentence out.  It was the case worker at the hospital and everything was worked out…in just a matter of minutes! 

I believe God led us to Azure and made it possible for Mom to be there.  I am very thankful, as the other members of my family.  And we give God all the glory for His help and His mercy!

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