Thursday, November 17, 2011


In my new neck of the woods, there are actually a lot of trees!  (Imagine that!!)  This year the fall colors have been absolutely gorgeous. A few weeks ago, on the way home from church, I took some pictures.

This is University Blvd. which I now drive rather regularly. There are a couple of neighborhoods that I love to drive through, the trees are mature and gorgeous! This is near Bonnie Brae.



This year I missed our own Autumn Blaze Maple tree blooming.  But there is one behind our apartment.  I can see it from our balcony.


img_4018This is the outside of our neighborhood. I loved to walk around the outside and crunch the leaves covering the sidewalk. These are Ash trees. Just gorgeous! 

img_4021This is the sidewalk

img_4023Gypsy liked crunching the leaves too!


These trees I enjoyed inside our gated neighborhood




The leaves have been falling…and falling…and falling.  We have had two wet, heavy snows…It did not stop the leaves from falling, just delayed their activity a bit.


This tree is outside our living room window and I love looking at it.  It’s a honey locust tree and the tiny millions of leaves are miserable!  But I still like it!

When the snow disappeared, the leaves resumed their falling!  This is what it looks like at the Polo Club as the leaves are falling…

Someone blows the leaves out so that the mowers can come along and mulch the leaves!


img_4048That’s a lot of leaves!

img_4051Then someone else follows up blowing the sidewalks and drives clean!

Can you believe there is another contractor responsible just for blowing out the gutters!  The last week we have had 60 degree days but a lot of wind.  I walked into the office today to hear one of the residents leaving a message.  She wondered if something could be done about all the leaves that were piled in front of her garage door!!  Suggestions, anyone??


Andrea said...

Somehow these posts didn't show up in my reader! I love the pics, you did a great job! I especially like the shot underneath the picture of then Polo Club North sign.

Becky said...

I love looking at fall leaves, ours are all gone now but while we had them I kept telling myself "Self, if we ever buy our own home I'd like it to be surrounded by Japanese Red Maple trees!" I just love watching them turn :)


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