Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nellie’s Makeover…Before

I guess every makeover has a story attached to it.  Here is Nellie’s story.  In July of 2001 we bought a 1964 Ford Falcon.  It was an original Colorado car and we are the third owner. It was to be my “daily driver” car. She got the name of Nellie because when we would go to start her up and the engine was cold the kids would say “come on Nellie”.  Or when we were coming to a stop it would be “whoa Nellie”.  Nellie was always in pretty good shape but the interior was stained and the stitching in the headliner had dry rot and so it hung down.  To keep it out of the faces of those in the backseat, I had pinned it up with some jumbo safety pins.  We drove it like that for quite awhile.  Wally installed an air conditioner.  He also had a radio installed that had a hook up for an iPod…we didn’t even own an iPod then.

One day Wally and I ran an errand and left Wesley at home to work on his school work.  It wasn’t too long when we got a call from Wes.  He had decided to run an errand also, to the mall.  The thing is, he was not supposed to go anywhere and he was not supposed to be driving the Falcon.  Well he went over to the mall and somehow the transmission got hung up between first and second gear.  I seem to recall that old saying, “be sure your sin will find you out”  being quoted to him! 

Well Nellie ran for a bit longer. She really never died. Wally went to replace the transmission and while being installed, it just kind of fell apart.  He had a hard time getting another one and so Nellie just took a long rest in the garage.  Its not that the transmission was so difficult.  But Wally decided that if her took that apart, he’d really like to replace the engine with a bigger one. It was not that strong and when I ran the air in the summer and came to a stop, I would have to quick turn off the air or the engine would die.

So, time went by.  Until this spring.  Before we left on our big road trip back east, we parted Nellie out.  Her engine was taken into a shop to be rebuilt. 


Then we towed her to an upholstery shop for her makeover on the interior.  Actually, our neighbor did the interior for us.

She looks so sad, grill and hood removed

Here’s a couple of pictures when Nellie was still up and running!

scan0001Andrea and I drove Nellie to the Wild’s of the Rockies near Steamboat Springs to attend a Ladies' Retreat in 2002


Andrea and Kenny went downtown to hear the Irish Tenors in July of 2003.  I remember it was a really hot afternoon when they left.  They drove Nellie to the light rail and took that downtown.

scan0002I’m not sure when this one was taken, but I have always liked it!


Andrea said...

When do we get to see the "after" pictures? I can't wait to take her for a spin myself!

Sherry said...

Soon, it takes me a bit to do stuff, you know!? But I will definitely get it done...soon! Think you can remember how to drive a 3-speed?

Sherry said...

BTW...do you remember when we drove to Steamboat and got pelted with hail on 6th Ave. leaving town? It was so loud, I thought the Falcon would be dented to pieces. Remember?


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