Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Soccer

Saturday Wesley had an Alumni soccer game with Eagle sports…and he was the Alumni!  That’s hard to believe.  Wesley played two years for Eagles sports while he was in high school.  It was fun to see him play again.  The game was scoreless for the first half.  Then it was tied up one to one.  And can you believe in the last minute of the game, the current Eagles team scored!

I always loved it when the team circled around to pray before each game.  This one was no different!

Coach Felix Vega and Donavan McNew

Here’s my best attempt at an action shot, that’s Wes with the white sleeves. 

  This is Landon Tucker and Wes.  Landon is in our youth group at church and Wes has been helping with the youth.  I guess Landon was supposed to defend Wes. It seemed every time I looked at them, there they were….


I think he hurt his finger??!


I always liked this park. it is so pretty.  Especially in the fall. Though Wes says the field is awful to play on.  I can remember the weather being unpredictable during fall soccer.  I have a memory of a big rain storm at this park, then snow and then sunshine, all in one game!  But look at the beautiful trees!


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