Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nellie’s Makeover Completed

Engines and mechanics are important to a car but not very exciting, unless you understand them.  But the interior is pretty…kind of like a new outfit.  So I saved the best for last. 


This is Wayne.  He did the interior work on Nellie.  Wayne is our neighbor. Wally met Wayne through business.  M&R, Wally’s company reroofed Wayne’s house.  In conversation, Wally discovered Wayne did upholstery work.  He did a great job on Nellie. 


The seats were covered with original 1964 Ford Fabric



The headliner…we need to find a new dome light cover


Yes, I have air!


Wayne carpeted  the trunk and made a cover for the spare tire

So Nellie looks great and she is close to running great.  Some of the bugs we have had to work out.  Remember the issue with the transmission? The casing was bad.  It had to be rebuilt from the parts of the two we had.  It took about three trips back to Midas to resolve the exhaust leaks.  One major hurdle left is that the new engine has a leak in the valve cover and oil pan.  That is under warranty at least. 

Well, there’s the makeover story.  I keep thinking after all the work and cost, I hope I don’t have an accident!  It is fun to drive Nellie! Sunday at church, several of the older gentlemen were giving her a good look!  Driving down the road I usually find someone looking her over.  Last week as I was pulling out of Starbuck’s drive thru, a woman came out of the store, calling to me as I was pulling away.  She was so excited because she had a car like Nellie when she was 16!  (That was a first!)  To top it off, Wally has discovered that in 2011 the Falcon Nationals are going to be in Steamboat Springs.  He is getting excited thinking about going…and entering Nellie in the “daily driver” category! 

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