Friday, August 13, 2010


Wally has always been full of surprises.Here is a  couple of things he did in our short courtship.

He sent me a singing telegram while I was at work.  I thought it was kind of unusual for my parents to pop in on me one evening.  My Mom had a bag and said she was returning something in the mall, but she would not let me look in the bag!  Good thing, inside was a camera.  Not long after Mom and Dad go on their way, Leah and Marlin stop by to say hello.  Well, my next visitor was the Singing Bee!



Another time Wally came into Denver on a C5 mission.  He volunteered as they would be spending 24 hours out at Buckley Air Field…now Buckley AFB.  I was expecting to go to Leah and Marlin’s house for supper after work that day.  I remember standing on their porch and knocking but no one answered.  I was just about to give up and leave when they pulled up and out of the car steps Wally!! Now this is kind of unusual but true…he had received permission from the officer in charge of the mission for me to spend the night with Wally guarding the C5! Wally thinks it was January or February and he remembers it being really cold.  We sat in a heated truck most of the night.  But I do remember needing to use the bathroom and I had to climb up into the C5 to use the restroom there.  It was ice cold in that plane!!  My folks and Nathan came out early in the morning and got to go through the plane before it was loaded and then left.

docimage48 See how young we look!

docimage55 The C5 with two stages of a titan missile inside.  It was picked up here on Colorado at Buckley and delivered to Vandenberg AFB in California.

docimage53 We thought the C5 looked like yogi bear!  The plane was smiling but I was pretty sad because inside was Wally, leaving me!

The year we were married, Wally’s parents had three of their children marry.  Leah and Marlin were married in January and Lewis and Becky were married in June. Then Wally and I were married in August.Whew… that's a lot of “marry-mint”!!  So Wally had come in January for Leah’s wedding…we were the candle lighters!  Then he surprised me by coming on the C5 mission.  We would be together one more time before our own wedding. We followed Marlin and Leah driving back to Indiana for Lewis’ wedding…I don’t really remember but I think we drove though the night to get there. 

docimage15 docimage16 Wally strutting his stuff at home



The story continues…

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