Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Florida Keys

A couple in Kenny’s church have a home at Hawks’ Cay Resort on the Duck Key.  They let us stay in their beautiful home!  It was truly beautiful! 



I could have sat by the pool in the lovely tropical plants the three days we were in the Keys.  It was pleasant to  sit here in the morning to read my Bible and have cup of coffee ! 


The pool was also handy for the kids, who made good use of it!



We brought our food and ate together.  I still lick my chops when I think about the fish we caught in the Everglades which we took along.  We thought there would be a grill to cook on and sadly, there was not.  So we googled a recipe, improvised with the spices we had available and before long had a delicious meal!  And I do not even like fish that much! 



Grams brought some gifts for her great-grands and had a good time wrangling hugs from Nolan and Elaine!



We did go to another Key on Tuesday to hit a beach.  My personal opinion is that sand is highly overrated.   So I was not that impressed with the Keys overall.  I think you must need an expensive boat or other water toy to want to spend a lot of time there.  But kids just need a plastic bucket and shovel to be happy!


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Rebecca Townsend said...

Really enjoyed reading about your trip. It sounds like a great trip.


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