Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Family Fotos

After church on our Sunday in Florida, we had some family photos taken.  Becky had asked a friend in their church to snap some pictures. 

So here we are~

IMG_8160Becky, Sherry, Wally with Liberty, Ben, Andrea with Nehemiah
Kenny, Elaine, Nolan and Wesley

IMG_8168Wally’s Mom joined us in the photo

IMG_8182My three kiddos, Andrea, Wesley and Kenny, they are some of my biggest blessings in life!

IMG_8185Add some spouses and the blessings double!  Thanks Ben and Becky!

IMG_8171Then, bring on the grandkids!!  There is no end to the blessings, or the fun!
Nolan, Liberty, Nehemiah, and Elaine

Martha, who took our photos, caught this little girl busy checking out the flowers~




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