Friday, May 30, 2014

Florida Finale!

Finally, here’s an end to my Florida posts!  For someone who is pretty content to stay at home, I really enjoyed our time in the tropics!  These last few pics are just a bit of the beauty that we enjoyed everywhere we went.  The palm trees were gorgeous!  We even saw several Palm tree farms.  This palm was in the keys, and I thought it was unique…it looks like a pineapple!


And there were so many different varieties of palm fronds…


The flowers were gorgeous.  I kept thinking this was crepe myrtle, but my Mother-in law was pretty sure it was not.  I knew I had seen it before and could not place it.  Then just the other day, here in Colorado I saw the plant being sold!  It is bougainvillea.  I’m pretty sure it will only be a summer annual here.  But it was stunning all over Florida!


This is  pretty hibiscus.


And this is just a beautiful flowering tree!


Ben and Andrea left us on Thursday and we had one full day left with Kenny and Becky.  Wesley wanted more sun so we went to another beach.  I think it was Hollywood Beach and it was actually a state park.  It was very clean and and very vacant.  Nice.


It was also another perfect kite day.  We just tied it to a stick in the sand.  Then Kenny and Wesley did some snorkling and Wally and I took a long walk.  It was a nice last day.




We had a great time in Florida, being with family and sunshine!  Becky and Kenny were more than great hosts!! Becky frequently shares beautiful  pictures of sunsets on facebook that she takes from their back yard.  I got to witness one myself before we left!  It makes for a great Florida finale!


From the rising of the sun to its going down The Lord’s name is to be praised.

Psalm 113:3

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