Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Trail Ridge Road

I always thought that the meaning of the word vista was “a beautiful view”.  But I looked it up before using it on this post and discovered it means “distant view”.  I need to invent a new word which means “beautiful, distant views” because we have so many of them in Colorado!  Recently Wally’s cousin and his wife came through Colorado.  Larry and Ellen were on a major road trip, driving from Missouri to Washington and then taking an Alaskan cruise to celebrate their 50th anniversary!  They spent a day with us so they could take a look at Colorado.  So we drove them through Coal Creek Canyon and picked up the Peak to Peak Highway to Rocky Mountain National Park where there were vistas to behold at every turn!

Here’s a couple of the peeks at Long’s Peak!



The black area is from a fire that burned earlier this summer.  You can also see among the green pine trees, many dead pines.  It is so amazing to me, as well as sad, that a little beetle is responsible for so much damage.  There is no cure for the beetle kill except a really good cold winter.  They are chomping their way through many of our mountain sides and leaving them dry and an instant match stick.



We stopped at the top of Trail Ridge Road and took in more glorious vistas and tried capturing what we enjoyed seeing on the cameras!

Here is Larry and Ellen at the top of Trail Ridge Road.


And you know these two, right?


Pretty little wildflowers were were sprinkled all over the tundra.  A little info sign told us they are always “little” due to the winds that blow about 35 mph all summer long! 


There was also a small group of cow elk grazing at the top of the tundra…


and I caught a calf nursing!


Of course spectacular mountains were at every turn. 




Oh,  and here’s a couple more cutie pies…




And here’s Larry and Wally.


Larry and Ellen said they will never forget the views they saw.  I know we are so blessed  to live here and and always have a “vista” when ever we decide to look to the west! 

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