Sunday, August 25, 2013

Made for Life

Tomorrow it will be three years that Wally’s Dad stepped into eternity.  It’s hard to believe it has been that long.  I was thinking about him this week as the anniversary day approached.  It’s hard when death rears its ugly head into our lives.  Even if it is somewhat expected, it is hardly ever invited.  It is a reminder to me of what sin has brought into each of our lives.  Yesterday in my devotional book, At the Feet of Jesus, I was very much encouraged.  The first sentence on the page was a reminder to me of God’s perspective…”Death was not a part of God’s original plan. You and I were made for life-life eternal.”

Andrea's wedding Oct. 2006

This is Wally’s Mom and Dad before Andrea’s wedding in 2006.  Pop was not yet diagnosed with hepatitis C or stage four cirrhosis of the liver.   He did not know in four years his life on earth would be over.  But his life on earth was just a stepping stone into eternity, real life! 

Earlier this week a friend who has lived many years with physical struggles and pain was set free from those struggles and pain.  Also this week, another friend tragically ended his life.  As I was thinking on the circumstances of each of these lives, this paragraph brought peace and understanding.

“God’s mercy and grace marked our lives here on earth with a finish line.  And with sweet irony, our loving Father took the very thing we’d feared the most-the threat of death-and turned it on its head.  Transforming tombs into into doorways and our endings into new beginnings.  Turning hearses into glistening carriages to carry us to a glorious mansion being prepared as we speak-the eternal home for which we were made.”

I Corinthians 15:54
“So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written:

“Death is swallowed up in victory.”


Don’t you just love God’s perspective!

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