Friday, February 3, 2012

Sympathy Cards

Denver got a bunch of snow overnight and all day long.  We were up to sixteen inches at noon, and its still coming down.  Wally had to plow and organize a shoveling crew. But there was a Memorial Service to attend.  Regardless of the weather, I have not heard of anyone postponing a wedding or a funeral. Today’s service was for our friend Joann.  She overcame her battle with cancer when she stepped into the presence of her Lord and Savior on Tuesday morning.  Joann has two married step children and one daughter who is in her senior year of college.  I wanted to give a card to each of the kids as well as John.  So here is what I did….

img_4479I actually made this card at Stamp Camp back in November. I just added a scripture verse to the inside.  I tried to duplicate it but I do not have many flower stamps and what I had did not look too good.

This was another Stamp Camp idea…it was yellow and a Thinking of You card.  I was glad I remembered how to do it and just changed it into a sympathy card. 

I did this card all on my own.  I like how it came out and I actually enjoyed making it!

And here is the last one. 

Sympathy cards are meant to let someone you care about know that you thinking of them and praying for them.  I think the time spent making them was ministry to my own heart also.  We have another funeral on Monday and I do not believe this lady knew the Lord as her Savior.  It will have a different focus and I hope our card…yet to be made…will serve as a witness to her family.

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Becky said...

These are all very nice cards. the different times that my dad has been in the hospital a card from a friend is always a great comfort


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