Thursday, February 16, 2012

BSF Leader’s Retreat

This past weekend I attended a retreat in downtown Denver for all the leaders of the Bible Study Fellowship classes in our area.  (I think it is a five State region).  At our retreat just over 2,000 leaders gathered.  It included leaders from Women’s Day classes, and Evening classes, Men’s Evening classes, and two Young Adult classes. 



The retreat was held at the Denver Convention Center.  I stayed at the Embassy Suites which had just opened in December…very nice. There was a Starbucks just outside their door.  Also very nice!  And my room mate, April was, that’s right…very, very nice!


We did stay awake until 1:00 am on Friday night talking.  Not so nice!  I told April on Saturday night we could not stay up that late again.  So our mouths stopped moving at midnight!

Here are the leaders of the Denver Evening Women’s Class. There are 31 of us and we were missing two leaders at the retreat.


The theme this year was Eradicating Biblical Poverty. We went through the book of II Timothy in our joined sessions.  I very much enjoyed this personal look at the heart of the Apostle Paul in the last days of his life.


One thing about going to the area retreat is that you get a glimpse outside your own class into the bigger impact BSF has on the world.  Here are some interesting numbers:  There are more than 244,000 adults enrolled in a class, and more than 52,000 children, from infants through grade 12.  There are 1,059 classes in 38 countries.  There are six classes in China and four pilot classes.  Most of these classes in China are in English, but there is a men’s class that is in Chinese.  BSF is printing their materials in Chinese!  That is amazing!  The founder of BSF was A. Wetherall Johnson.  She was a missionary to China with the China Inland Mission.  When the communist took over the country, Miss Johnson was imprisoned in China.  Today in the place where she was imprisoned stands a hotel.  And inside that hotel is a BSF class.  Only an amazing God can put together a story like that! 

It was a great weekend!

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