Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mom’s Birthday

Last Saturday was my Mom’s 79th Birthday.  Shh don’t let her know I told you.  She doesn’t want people know she is getting close to 80!  It worked out for all of us Colorado kids to get together for dinner and to honor Mom.

My niece Nicole, Robin, Me, Wally, Dad, the Birthday Girl, Terry and Scott

We had dinner at 730, a little restaurant in our new neighborhood.  They were having a bit of a tough night  between the kitchen and wait staff, but we had plenty of entertainment to keep us happy…ourselves!!  It was so nice that Nicole was spending the night with her Dad and came along to dinner with us. We don’t get to see her a whole lot!

Nicole, Robin, Sherry

Dad and Mom

I am very blessed to have a good relationship with my Mom and to consider her a BFF. She won’t know what that means but she does it very well.

I remember Mom----

  • curling my hair for church in front of the Lawrence Welk Show every Saturday night
  • teaching JOY club in our basement
  • cutting out flannel graph figures for Sunday School
  • humming in the kitchen after a long day at work,
  • staying up late at night to sew for us girls
  • Saving her change in a sock in her drawer
  • frying chicken and making potato salad for a picnic when we took a drive in the mountains
  • canning pickles…other things too but that big pan of pickles sat on the counter soaking… it seemed like forever!
  • and many other memories

In addition to warm childhood memories, my Mom has given me the example of a Godly woman.  She loves the Lord and has always encouraged  me to trust Him!  I know she is also faithfully  prays for her family.  That’s the best thing a Mom can do!


Happy Birthday Mom!  May God grant you many more years to Enjoy!

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Andrea said... made me tear up! And I remember you curling my hair on Saturday nights too. I think I only saw Lawrence Welk at Gramsie's house, but I remember the Father Dowling Mysteries well!


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