Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break with Elaine

Guess where I am at?  I am in Virginia Beach with Elaine.  Oh yes, Ben and Andrea are still here too!  I arrived yesterday.  I think I almost  cried when I saw Andrea with Elaine…she has grown since Christmas and she is so smiley!!  It was so nice to wake up (even though a bit early) to her sweet little noises. 
She’s a pretty happy baby ! 

Andrea and I took Elaine for a walk in the pram today.  Wally bought this pram for me.  We had just  found out that Andrea was on the way when Wally left for England ahead of me.  He was in the Air force and living in the barracks.  I like to picture him rolling the pram down the hallway and into his room after he purchased it and before he had housing so I could join him.

When Andrea announced she was pregnant Wally dug it out and and had the upholstery redone.  He cleaned all the stainless steel up and even sent away to Germany for new rubber for the wheels!  What fun to push it again today with Elaine !

When we returned from our walk, Andrea was playing the piano.  What a joy to listen as she practiced some Easter arrangements for Sunday.  What a flashback to what seems not so very long ago when she was learning to play the piano!  When she left for college, it was something I missed a lot…oh how the time does fly!  I laid there on the couch playing with Elaine thinking I am a spoiled grandma!  But I know I am really very blessed!

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