Saturday, January 31, 2015

Holiday Muddle

Well let’s see, where do I start?  I’m sure Thanksgiving is a distant memory to most people and we are quickly coming up on Valentine’s Day.  I just saw this little quote from a project on Pinterest, “Christmas is down but love is in the air,” and I thought wait a minute!  Christmas is over for me but it is not “down.”  All that to say,  I’m sharing about Christmas!  Please, don’t try to understand!  What I can tell you is that I very much enjoyed our Christmas this year…a whole lot! 

photo 4

Wally even got into the spirit a bit an decorated the tree in front of our apartment/the office.  We had several added activities like every Christmas, but I do not recall having the added stress. We had a fun Christmas party with our Sunday School class and did a little candle light caroling.  JoEllen had just come home and she came along with us. 

photo 1 (1)

SS Clas Caroling dec 2014

We also had a first ever Christmas Open House for our Bible Study Fellowship Leader’s group.  I went on my own since Wally was hunting.  (Actually on his way home with a nice cow Elk at the time. I won’t share any hunting photos while reindeer might be on some people’s mind!)

I suppose the highlight was that Kenny and Becky came home this year.  That also meant that we saw a lot more of Wesley than we normally do.  It was fun having the boys together again and I remember laughing a lot! 

photo 2

For some reason that I now have a hard time remembering,  Wally and I kept saying we wanted to make sugar cookies.  I do not know when the last time was that I actually mixed up dough and cut out and decorated sugar cookies. I’m not sure what Wally and I must have been imagining, but I do recall why it’s been so long since we did this…they are a lot of work! 




I think I tripled the batch because I wanted to give a plate of cookies to each of our gate guards over the Holiday shift.  I thought we’d never finish cutting cookies out, but I did not want the laughter to stop!  I laughed so much at the boys that night!


Kenny and Becky also have a sheltie named Bella.  We sort of wanted her to come along, but it was so expensive!!  They missed Bella a lot and Sadie was the happy recipient of all their attention!

These photos are Christmas Eve with my family.  We had a nice photo op of the girls, but I guess we did not do family pictures this year…we need to work on that Robin!  And of course, one of my greatest gifts year round, Mom and Dad!



I used to take a picture every Christmas morning of the kids by the tree.  That’s harder to do in our apartment where we are short of space and sometimes of kids! So here is just the kids on Christmas morning…


One thing I love about Christmas gifts is the wrapping, so  I just had to share the exquisite gift wrapping of our gift from Wesley!


And with that, I can now say Christmas is “down”!  I hope I have not put you all in the Christmas spirit…since it’ll be a few days until it rolls around again! 

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