Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fun Stuff

Soccer Fun!

Wesley is a soccer-a-holic!  He plays year round, indoor and out,  he refs, and he coaches!  It’s fun to go to his indoor games, except that they are often so late at night.  I have asked myself, what kind of people are willing to play soccer at all hours of the night.  But I know, it’s Wesley!  It was not a surprise then that while Kenny and Becky were home, Wes invited Kenny to play at one of his games.  I think this one began at 9:30 so it was doable!  Turns out that sometimes even people that play at night don’t show up to play at night.  The opposing team was short quite a few players.  So Kenny and Wesley ended up playing against each other. 


This is Kenny, Tim Pine, and Wes.  Poor Kenny, not only a little out of shape, he was not used to the high altitude he left behind.  He was winded!  Oh and did I mention that this is a co-ed team?  Tim gets to play with his wife, Carrie!


Fun game, fun times. Nate and Patrick Pine showed up at the end of the game.  It was great to see all these young men together again.  They have known each other since Wesley and Tim were in the toddler nursery together!!  My heart thoroughly enjoyed watching them catch up!

IMG_1181Wesley, Kenny, Nate, Tim and Patrick

Tea Time Fun!

Wesley and Kenny had planned a day of skiing together.  It was a perfect opportunity for Becky to join us  girls for our Christmas Tea.  We went to the Briarwood Inn in Golden.  It was a fun afternoon and an opportunity to enjoy time with Becky.

IMG_1186A second Daughter!

IMG_1187Sherry, Becky, Mom. Robin and Jo

IMG_1189Robin and Jo, I love these two a lot!

Church Fun!

We now attend a different church than where the kids had grown up at.  Our current Pastor was out of town over Christmas and his fill in was Jeff Musgrave, the Pastor from our past church!  What fun for Kenny!  Pastor and Anna also got to meet Becky for the first time.  Again, I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with people who have blessed our lives!

photo 4 Becky, Kenny, Jeff and Anna Musgrave

Family Dinner Fun!

Before Kenny and Becky returned to FL. Wally had to smoke some ribs for them! We had Mom and Dad and Jo join us for dinner and a last visit!


IMG_1200(Sadie managed to snag a bone and enjoy the ribs too!)


Yep, we had fun times!!

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