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June Review

Yep it’s July and you know what that means?  Blog about June!  June blew right by me…we were very busy.  I asked Wally what he remembers about June while I was writing this and he had the same response…it went and it went fast and we kind of can’t recall a lot!  As work goes, the new board was meeting and  new committees were organized and met for the first time , and summer projects got underway.  There was also a lot on the social calendar for Polo Club North.  What that means for me is a lot of cleaning!   Thankfully for all those moments I want to remember, I have a camera! 

Early in June my good friend Kathy visited Colorado with her girls and sister. Her visit was bittersweet…bitter because that old enemy death had visited her family recently.  Joe, her husband was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer in January and in April,  Joe was in the presence of the Lord.  The sweet part is knowing Joe trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior and death only became a temporary separation from us here one earth, we will see him again.  The other part of sweet was just getting to hug my friend and see that she is okay…grieving with the help of the Lord’s comfort.  You can’t be around Kathy for very long before she shares with you something about the Lord!  We went downtown for dinner at Racine’s. 

IMG_9892Melissa, Heather and Kathy


My Mom’s church had a ladies luncheon.  Robin and I attended with Mom along with Mrs. Loyd. 


IMG_9905Mom and her long time friend Dee Loyd

This is George and Kathy Abbas.  They gave us a mini concert and then Kathy spoke.

George and Kathy Abbas

Many years ago they sang at my high school graduation banquet that the church had.  They have a Christmas concert every year that my folks and Robin and Terry often attend.  I’ve always blown it off but maybe this year I’ll twist Wally’s arm and go! Not only was the music encouraging, (like being at a good old Singspiration!) but Kathy’s talk was just what I needed to hear.  Actually Mom, Robin, and I walked away with encouragement from the Lord as members of our were experiencing some difficult things.  Kathy spoke on trials from James 1.  It was just really good reminders of familiar truths that we needed to hear.Things like, “my anchor is an unshakeable faith in an unchanging God!” 


After the luncheon we stopped by my parents.  We were sitting on the patio having a little chat when the sky opened up with rain and thunder and lighting and then…hail!



That looks like snow, but it is a lot harder!   It was hard enough that the new windshield on our truck cracked right down the middle and left some pretty good dents all over the hood!  And Mom and Dad will need a new roof!

On Father’s Day we got together for the traditional steak BBQ.  Here’s my Dad…he doesn’t really need to be sweetened up but isn’t this candy bar bouquet great?  Robin made it for him.


Fathers Day 2014Here’s the Dad’s of the Day- Scott, Dad, Terry & Wally

IMG_9928This is the Colorado kids with Dad and Mom

Fathers Day 2014

I enjoyed watching Aaron and Wesley spend time together.  Nathan came by later in the afternoon but I did not get a photo of him. 

The week after our get together Robin went in for her follow up scan since the chemo has ended.  She received the report back that there is no cancer in her body!  Praise the Lord!


I got my little flower bed planted.  It also survived a big hail storm.  But the rabbits have not been so kind!



Our church is near the foothills and Wally likes to ride the motorcycle to our Sunday night service.  One evening we rode on up into the foothills after church.   We were heading home just about dusk and there were lots of deer out.  We passed one meadow and there was a young buck and a couple of does grazing.  Then I  saw a little fawn nursing.  I made Wally turn around and go back for a better look.  We saw another doe come out of the bushes and she had twins!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen babies young enough to still have their spots!!



June always has a good ending…June 30 is Nolan’s Birthday!  I just love face time…it helps when we are so far apart.  So do pictures.  Andrea took these, can you see how old Nolan is?

Nolan 3 Years Old B&W

                  Nolan 3 Years Old_0001

I can’t believe how tall he has grown!  He has changed quite a bit !  We’re looking forward to their visit later this month…the very best kind of face time!

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