Monday, July 21, 2014

Card Attack

I’m not sure why, but I like making cards.  Somehow cute or colorful paper, a bit of glue and some cute punches make me very happy!  They are like a little scrap book page to me.  I haven’t given up on the big scrap book pages yet…a card is just much quicker!  The cards are also more useful…they get shared!  And that brings a deeper kind of happy!  I find I have many opportunities here in our job to share a card.  Many times it is to thank someone for something they have done or given to us.  Unfortunately though,  since many of our residents are older, it is a health challenge or death that causes me to share a card.  Those kinds of opportunities are not limited to life at Polo Club North…they are everywhere in the relationships of people we know and love. 

Sharing, giving…recently I was reminded just how important that  can be.  “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver,”  Proverbs 25:11 tells us.  Giving just the right word at just the right time is not only an art—it is a ministry.”  That is a quote from my devotional book a couple of  weeks ago.   Kindness and encouragement are a ministry!  Surprisingly, it can fit into an envelope!

I usually take a picture of each card I make and then I never post them on my blog like I intended to do when I first started.  So here are quite a few all in one shot.   Consider it a little gallery of ministry!

Here’s some sympathy cards that I sent to some family members recently~


I gave this card to an older couple here at PCN.  They frequently share their Rockies tickets with us.  She has been fighting cancer, he has had health challenges, and recently a family member passed away.  Those are big things and I will never know how people face life’s challenges without the Lord.  I like to think that at these times in life, people’s hearts are softer and more open to receiving a scripture verse or an offer of prayer.  It becomes “the word, fitly spoken!” 


Another resident is having knee replacement surgery soon.  I’m kind of pleased with myself to have a card all ready to send her!  I can be a bit of a procrastinator in getting the card actually into “sent” mode.  I probably rely too heavily on that “right word at just the right time” part of the ministry!


These next cards were encouragement cards for some men who had some serious surgeries.  One went to a friend’s Dad who shortly after receiving it, lost his battle with cancer. 



Happy events are ministry opportunities too!  Here’s Kenny’s Birthday card and gift card holder. 


My niece’s graduation-


This was my Dad’s card for Father’s Day.  I found a punch art pattern on Pinterest to make him a red “Farmall” tractor.


Nolan’s third Birthday gave me a chance to try this “card in a box” idea I had been seeing on card blogs I follow.  Only problem is, he doesn’t quite understand how cute it is just to look at it.  Mom says he is always trying to take the lion out of the box!


Recently I found this stamp in the mark down section at Hobby Lobby.  It has nothing to do with the ministry part of sending a card….but I love adding it to the back of a hand made card!


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