Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hanging Lake

Wally and I had the Fourth of July off so we also took Friday off, combined it with the weekend and headed to the mountains.  Anyone else do that?  Of course they did because the highway was flooded with people!!!  We tried very hard to sneak out of town early on Wednesday afternoon but that was not to be had.  I thought it was difficult making arrangements for three kids and the pets when we left town on our own.  Leaving 125 behind is far more challenging! Smile  Wally was wanting to beat both the traffic and the heat, but we were leaving Denver at 5:30 and the temp was 90*.  With some creative short cutting, we soon were on our way.  And soon, the temps were dropping all the way down to 43*!   We even rode in a little bit of rain.  Along the way we had views of bighorn sheep…they seem much closer from the motorcycle than the car…elk, some does and a young buck in velvet. 

Our first destination for two nights was Glenwood Springs.  I have been wanting to hike to Hanging Lake for awhile.  We stopped there once with the kids, but also a dog and no dogs are allowed.  It took quite a few years to get back but I am so glad we did.  It was enjoyable and beautiful.  I had read on line that you want to get there early because the parking lot fills up and soon the trail is a bit like I-70…bumper to bumper!  We arrived about 7:30 and on our way back down, there was indeed a whole lot of people!  From trailhead to the lake it ascends in elevation of 1,000.feet in 1.2 miles….straight from the tourist info sign!  

The hike was steep and rocky in places, but there were so many pretty spots to stop and rest along the way.  I loved looking up at the canyon walls.




There were several pretty waterfalls along the way and we crossed seven bridges.





And then we reached the lake…just hanging there!



The water was so clear, we saw lunch swim by.



Here is some of that bird life.  We also watched a humming bird while we sat munched on apple slices.


See the dots of yellow growing in the lichen?  They are Columbines




Another bit of wild life, a marmot.


A short little detour off the trail takes you to Sprouting Rock.  This is the source of the water in the lake.  You can walk behind the waterfall.  By the time we stopped by there were a lot of people about and we didn’t take time to get that close.  Pretty though!


On the trek back down the trail we cam up on a group of black and white butterflies fluttering around. 


I’m glad we finally made it to the lake.  We enjoyed it a lot.  And the nap that followed back at the hotel! 

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Becky said...

What fun & such beautiful pictures! We too were there years ago w/ the kids. We keep talking about going I'm inspired so hopefully soon!
I enjoy your blogs!


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