Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Christmas 2007

Happy Valentine’s Day!  It has been a nice day with my Valentine!  We have never been big Valentine’s Day celebrators…a little candy and  a card maybe.   It is one holiday that does not stress out my husband too much.  In fact Valentine’s  Day and our Anniversary are two events that Wally never seems to mind taking part in or spending money on.  He even gets into it whole-heartedly!  Tonight he is fixing me dinner.  He asked me to get him a table cloth, candles, the china, and my iPod with some nice music!  Pretty nice, huh?  Now it’s not like that every year.  There’s been some years  he was at the store the day after to get a card and a time or two my Valentine was a make-up card!  Still, all in all, I am blessed to have Wally as my husband.   I am thankful for him…and that he wants me for his Valentine! 

Here’s what Wally brought home for dinner…a fresh lobster from the Cherry Crest Restaurant.  We did this once years ago, bought a bucket and went home and boiled dinner!  This year Wally planned “surf and turf!”


He gathered all his favorites from favorite restaurants…from the Outback he brought home our salads.  From the Buckhorn Exchange he brought their homemade Ranch dressing.  I don’t know what they put in it , but it is really good!   And for dessert, Buttermilk Pie from No-No’s .   

Here is what I provided…the tablecloth, the candles, the china and the iPod.  Wally put it all to good use, in front of the fireplace in the clubhouse.


Pretty big lobster…glad Wally knows what to do with it.  I just had to eat the meat he pulled out of the inside!  And it was delish!


Happy Valentine's Day
Thank You Wally!!!

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Becky said...

Oooo la la! Hope you guys had a wonderful day!


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