Friday, February 22, 2013

A Tea-Riffic Idea

Awhile back I came across an idea for a gift card wallet.  One creative person made it into a tea-wallet.  I thought it would be a cute idea for Birthday gifts to my sisters.  Then I got a little overwhelmed with Christmas card making…did I ever share that I made cards for all the residents here at Polo Club? Wally even helped me do a lot of the cutting.  So I put Robin’s gift on hold and told her it was coming.  In January when it was Jo’s birthday, I was still a little overwhelmed, this time with thank you cards.  I think I made 63 thank-you’s  for the residents who also gave us gifts over Christmas…I’m thinking I did not share that either.  Probably I was overwhelmed! 

Well I finally got my tea wallets made and delivered.  Yes, Robin’s Birthday was in October but she just got hers last week.  Jo’s was not quite that lat.  I’m a big believer in “better late than never!”   They really turned out cute!



You could put just about anything in the little pockets. Since Jo’s wallet was her entire gift, I put a Starbuck’s gift card and some cash in the little pockets. She is having a little get away with her roommate and I thought she might get to do some shopping.


Oh and here’s my Christmas cards.  I did not use my belief in “better late than never” here, they were all made and delivered by mid-December.


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