Saturday, January 5, 2013

How to Fix the Perfect Cup of Tea

When my girls were here over Christmas, we went to Mrs. B’s Tea house in Littleton for Tea.  Andrea and I have had tea together many times.  This was Becky’s first time.


Elaine had her first tea when she came to Colorado as a new born. It was a Christmas Tea with my Mom, sisters, Andrea and I.  She mostly slept through that.  When she was about four months old, I visited Andrea and Elaine in Virginia Beach we went for tea at a very nice English tea room.  She was a little more awake at this tea and very much interested.

The English Rose Tea Room, VA Bch., VA

The English Rose Tea Room, VA Bch., VA

Since then Elaine has been practicing her tea skills by sipping tea with Mommy and having many bathtub tea parties with Nolan. So she was all set for our tea party at Mrs. B’s.  She knew just how to make the perfect cup of tea…

First, help Mommy pour out…img_6368

Carefully add cream, if you likeimg_6374

Sugar, one lump or two?  Perhaps three?img_6375

Carefully stirimg_6371

Then, enjoyElaine, Tea at Mrs. B's

A sweet goes nicely with teaimg_6373

And when the tea is all gone, just be as cute as you can be!img_6379

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